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LED lamps
Backpack with pocket blue color
Without Tax: 18,69 zł
With Tax: 22,99 zł
Cosmetic bag Rosanna
Without Tax: 12,31 zł
With Tax: 15,14 zł
LED bulb COB 4.5W GU10 60 degrees
Without Tax: 8,09 zł
With Tax: 9,95 zł
Shoes bag blue
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With Tax: 6,97 zł
Lingerie bag green
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LED bulb candle 10 SMD 4.3W E14
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Toilet brush Provenza Orange
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LED bulb MR16 12 SMD 4,5W AC/DC 12V
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LED bulb ball 35 SMD 3.5W E14
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LED bulb R50 12 SMD 5W E14
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LED bulb 12 SMD 5W GU10
Without Tax: 5,68 zł
With Tax: 6,99 zł

LED bulb SMD 7W/38 GU10 NW

Without Tax: 7,72 zł
With Tax: 9,49 zł

Model: SMD LED 7W/38 GU10 NW tf
Product avaliable (10 pcs)
Weight:0.06 kg
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Energy saving SMD LED lamp, 30000h lifetime, neutral white (4500K), GU10 lamp base, very efficient, miniature, with safety plastic cover

We recommend miniature LED energy saving lamp with power consumption of 7W.

It is the equivalent of 45W incandescent light bulb. Our LED lamp emits the same luminous flux as ordinary light bulb, while the amount of energy consumed by our energy saving lamp represents about 15% of the energy consumed by the ordinary light bulb. An additional advantage of lamps compared with the ordinary light bulb is much less heat during operating.

Our light emits a neutral white light (color temperature of 4500K).

Our lamp will bring significant savings to your money. Some call it „the killer of voracious halogens”. Consuming only 7W power, it gives so much light  as traditional 45W halogen reflector lamp and works up to 30,000 hours, that is really 25 times longer than an ordinary halogen.

Although halogen lamp of 230V, with GU10 base is much cheaper, please note its disadvantages:

  • high electric power consumption (if they are mounted in lighting fixture for 4 bulbs, f.ex. with using bulbs of 35W each, the whole fixture takes 140W, and with 50W bulbs, the whole fixture takes 200W!)
  • short lifetime, within the limits of 1000-2000 hours
  • strong heating emission
  • poor luminous flux comparing to their 12V halogen equivalents

Our LED lamp is deprived of all these disadvantages. Here are its main features and parameters:

  • takes only 7W and at the same time, it gives back so much light as a 45W halogen lamp (f. ex. if they are mounted in lighting fixture for 4 bulbs 7W each, the whole fixture takes only 28W) - that is almost six times less energy consumed with the same amount of light emitted!
  • a very long lifetime: up to 30,000 hours;
  • emits much less heat than halogen bulb so that it can be mounted in shop windows, kitchen undercabinet fixtures and other furniture, etc.;
  • emits a neutral white light with color temperature of 4500K (neutral white);
  • has a focused light angle - 38 degrees;
  • and the most important – outer dimensions are almost the same as in 230V GU10 halogen bulb.
Our lamp can be used instead of 230V GU10 halogen bulbs: in recessed type lighting fixtures (recessed downlights), in wall lamps, spotlights, ceiling lamps, desktop lamps, standing lamps, chandeliers and other pending lamps.





It is time to change for the better. Lower your electricity bills and stop spending money for frequent replacement of halogen lamps.


Technical specification:

- power consumption 7W (equivalent to the halogen light bulbs with a power 45W)
- lamp base GU10

- high lumen SMD HP diodes 2835 type

- nominal voltage 220-240V~   50Hz, 60mA
- lenght of 55mm
- diameter Ø 50mm
- light color temperature

- Color Rendering Iindex Ra>80

- on/off cycles 15000x

- warm-up time below 0.5 sec.

- warm-up time to reach 60% of the full light output below 1 sec.

- Lamp Lumen Maintenance Factor (LLMF): ≥0,70

- Power Factor PF>0.5

- Class A+

- luminous flux 560lm

- view angle 38º

- termoplastic housing

- prismatic clear plastic safety cover

- CE sign, compliance with European standards
- lifetime 30,000h
- do not use with dimmer

- for indoor use only

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LED bulb SMD 7W/38 GU10 NW

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